It’s Past Time For A New State’s Attorney

Miami-Dade State Attorney, Katherine Fernandez-Rundle (image Getty/Joe Raedle).

Why is it time for Katherine Fernandez-Rundle to leave office?

Why should we elect Melba V. Pearson, to this highest of offices, instead?

Melba V. Pearson, Candidate for Miami-Dade State Attorney

Well if you are one of the people asking that question, please let us explain.

Rundle covers for the extensive corruption plaguing Miami-Dade County.

She is the gatekeeper of the criminal courts, and she will not prosecute public corruption, unless it is politically expedient to her, period.

When the next hot mess of a public corruption case get’s its way to the “5th Floor,” we need to have there a person of honor and integrity who will fairly and justly uphold our laws, and not just selectively enforce them.


Even most police officers, including their union, do not support her.

How effective can you be as the top cop, if cops and their unions don’t support you?


Rundle’s record is so bad her own party voted in 2017 or her to resign, after he failed to prosecute the Daren Rainey murder, and they just voted again telling her to suspend her candidacy for reelection, as seen below.

Yet, some would lament Rainey was just a criminal and prisoner with mental issues, and that it saved society some costs to let it go.

I hope that is not what our justice system has come to, but more and more everyday with Rundle at the helm its appears to be a JUST-US system here.


However, Rundle cannot even see it fit to prosecute when Miami-Dade set up a sting, murdered their own informant and tampered with evidence, as happened in the so called “Mango Massacre.”


When it comes to police accountability Rundle is so staunchly against what is right that she would threaten an innocent citizen and victim, who merely exposed corruption.

How so you may ask?

Chief Alexander Rolle far left.

When I made a video showing Homestead’s Chief of Police, Alexander Rolle, committing felony records destruction and/or falsification, her officer sent me a letter threatening me with prison time.

When I filed a criminal complaint with FDLE against Rolle, Rundle blocked Rolle’s prosecution claiming my recording was illegal and not admissible.

This was her excuse to cover for him yet again, as she had done in the past the last time Rolle was accused of the same crime(s).

In the previous case Rolle even admitted on video under oath that he had illegally backdated falsified records destruction logs, but claimed he didn’t know it was illegal at the time.

What was his excuse with me later on?

Does anyone believe that Rolle, a police chief for roughly 2 decades, who had prosecuted one of his officers a little more than a year earlier for the same crime, didn’t know it was a crime to falsify official records?

Would ignorance of the law apply to anyone else?

But I digress.

In my first federal law suit against a corrupt official, I sued Rundle for violating my First Amendment rights.

After losing at the lower court, the Assistant Attorney General sent a email to Rolle that would make any accountability supporter cringe.

I went on to represent myself and win, at the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, against the Florida Attorney General’s Office defending Rundle.

Rundle then tried to have that overturned at the U.S. Supreme Court who rejected her appeal, i.e. told her to kick rocks just like everyone is telling her now.

However, now that it is clear, since at least June 2018, that Rundle was wrong has Rundle decided to prosecute Rolle?

That would be a big fat NO!

But why not, she has all the evidence needed and can still prosecute him?


Rundle stalls every case as long as she can, then drops them after the attention has died down.

Thus preventing victims and/or their families from being able to collect evidence needed for their civil trials.

Just like she has done with the shooting of Edward Foster. That investigation is still open 5 years later.


I could go on and on with more stories of Rundle refusing to prosecute public corruption, and how she actively fights against negative media, activist, and accountability generally.

Just as she did recently when she tried to threaten local film maker Billy Corben for exercising his rights.

In conclusion the reasons that Rundle needs to go are myriad, however, the important thing is that she goes.

Time for new blood, time for a fresh start, time for Melba V. Pearson.

Stay tuned as I am working on getting a video with our soon to be new State Attorney, Melba V. Pearson.

Doc Justice

Kionne McGhee a Deadbeat Slumlord?

State Representative Kionne McGhee is running for County Commission (Florida Politics)
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We have posted a few times about Representative Kionne McGhee, including his involvement in a felonious charity donation flyer, which we have written about and will write more about later, particularly how he is unlawfully refusing to provide public records related to that.

Right now though we want to share some things which were sent to us.


It seems the McGhee has all the attributes of a slumlord.

McGhee was recently cited for code violations on one of his properties.

McGhee received a citation for having no running water, and having performed non-permitted remodeling of the kitchen and bathroom, which are human safety violations.

But when you are in power you can get cocky and arrogant, and begin thinking that you are above the law, and can get away with anything.


The recent allegations sent to us do not focus solely on having unsafe
conditions on his property, but also to him stiffing a working man.

Ironically, the man stiffed is his competition Johnny Farias.

Candidate for County Commission Johnny Farias.

To be clear McGhee is also running against two other candidates, Marlon Hill and Mark Coats, as seen in this Florida Politics article.

True Homestead welcomes any of these candidates to sit down with us and tell our readers why they should vote for them, or any local politician for that matter.

Accurately informing our readers on all candidates is more important than
any ideology. Our readers are smart, and if properly informed will always make the right choice.

But I digress.


McGhee owns a property at 621 SW 12th Avenue in Homestead, Florida.

Farias, an electrician and owner of Electrical Masters Inc., performed work for McGhee at this property as seen in the the final inspection.

McGhee was apparently trying to stiff Farias, before Farias had to place a lien on McGhee’s property, as seen in the text exchange below.

Text exchange between Kionne McGhee and Johnny Farias.

Pay close attention to the time line here.

On January 23rd, the final inspection is done, then on the 31st Farias ask when they can settle the balance.

McGhee replies three days later on February 3rd, that he will settle up that

Eight days later on February 11th, then again on February 14th, Farias requests final payment.

McGhee responds back on the 14th stating he will contact Farias the same day about payment.

Five days later on the 19th, Farias again pleads for payment.

Finally, on June 16th, 2020, four months later after the last communication, McGhee responds trying to throw shade at Farias for putting a lien on his properties, while making veiled political threats.

Unless we are missing something, and there were other communications, it seems pretty clear that McGhee was playing the shuck and jive hustle, something anyone living in Miami-Dade for any time has seen repeatedly.

We will let you make you own decisions based on the evidence here.

But we are happy to listen to McGhee’s side, the thing is he is just too afraid
to respond to me, though he goes around trying to build support to shut True Homestead down.

In the interest of full disclosure, I must note that Farias was the only person  trying to help when Felipe Hemming, Ben Keller and I uncovered and published that one of my Defendants, Luis Gomez, and his wife had defrauded the section 8 voucher program out of over $120,000 of your tax dollars. Sadly, it seems no one else including Miami-Dade Police Department cared.

That story will be updated soon. However, in contrast when I was investigating crimes committed through McGhee’s office, McGhee deliberately worked against and thwarted my efforts at transparency.

What does McGhee have to hide?

Doc Justice

Fairclough Stabs Keisha Williams

Homestead’s Vice Mayor, Patricia Fairclough, stabbed her lifelong friend, and former business partner, Keisha Williams in the back.

We previously reported on Fairclough fraudulently claiming she had written a $2,000 check to “C’Keisha’s Mend A Broken Heart Children’s Foundation,” in her campaign finance reports.

This 501c, which Fairclough is the treasurer of, in its Articles of Incorporation has as its mission statement: “The specific purpose is to meet the basic needs of disadvantaged and distressed children who have lost a parent(s) to gun violence.”

True Homestead went and talked to Keisha for a good while on Saturday when we bought 12 servings of some very delicious fried cheesecake with ice cream from her.

Yes, we LOVE cheesecake and ice cream too, and yes it was the bomb!

It was instantly apparent that Keisha was an honest, hardworking, God fearing individual who truly serves her community.

We are disgusted, that Fairclough would unknowingly involve her in this scheme.

Irrespective of that, we are certainly going to be buying lot’s more delicious soul food from Keisha!

A short clip from our encounter shows Keisha, wholesale, denying any knowledge of the $2,000 check, all while claiming she wouldn’t have known anything about this check had we not published our earlier article.

Just further evidence Fairclough falsified her campaign finance reports.

Make no mistake, there are many more financial discrepancies in Fairclough’s reports, to be sure.

This includes over $3,000 in entirely missing expenses on just one report!

We requested the full documentation, but were given even less than what was already available online.

But that as well as other anomalies in Fairclough’s reporting on her campaign finances are beyond the scope of this article.

However, beyond a doubt there are other crimes involved as well.


Fairclough falsifying public records as a public official for personal gain constitutes official misconduct, a third-degree felony, FS. 838.022(1)(a).

Fairclough taking the funds for herself is theft, period, FS, 812.014(1)(b). The fact that it was over $750 makes it grand theft, another third-degree felony, FS. 812.014(2)(c)1.

Falsifying public records alone is a first-degree misdemeanor, FS. 839.13(1).

Whereas, a third-degree felony is punishable by up to 5 years in prison, and a $5,000 fine; and a first-degree misdemeanor is punishable by up to 1 year in jail and a $1,000 fine; FS 775.082 (penalties) and FS. 775.083 (fines).

We don’t have the all the facts yet to say whether wire fraud, 18 USC §1343, would apply here or not, but it’s very likely and other candidates have been charged and convicted recently for stealing campaign funds as well.

As amateurs with limited access to evidence, I am 100% positive there are many crimes we have overlooked, that a trained investigator with subpoena powers would immediately find.


Fairclough not only abusively wields extraordinary power as Vice Mayor, she has influence over our children as principal of an elementary school.

Based on her character, is Fairclough really the best leader to have molding our future minds?

Fairclough’s sympathetic ivory tower image as a champion for the rights of women, children, and the poor began its deceptive manufacture back in the days when her ex-husband was a councilman and she was promoted over him as she was more articulate and refined.

But what has Fairclough done not for her own advantage or a photo-op?

Where was she on the issue of body cams, when black men were being shot in questionable manners at the hands of a certain officer(s)?

We have reported on how she evaded her taxes depriving money from the children who attend Miami-Dade County Public Schools.

We have reported on how she has lied and committed fraud to secure her mortgage.

We have reported on how she abused her official position to retaliate against the press, trying to have me arrested on bogus stalking charges.

And now we are continuing to report on how she stole money not just from children but from the most vulnerable amongst them, i.e. disadvantaged and distressed children, many orphans, who lost parents to gun violence.

Shame on her.


Does Fairclough take the only honorable way out left and resign as Vice Mayor?

Based on her overly inflated ego and sense of entitlement, we highly doubt it.

But the real question is will our state attorney, Katherine Fernandez-Rundle, allow her subordinates to carry out their sworn duties or will she forbid it?

She is the one who makes the final call on whether someone at this level gets prosecuted or not, despite the evidence and/or recommendations.

And this is the same woman who was sued after firing an assistant state attorney for refusing to lie to and present false evidence to judges, and then claimed he had no right to not lie to a judge.

It’s all politics all the time with Rundle.

Remember, Rundle didn’t even care when a man was murdered by officers melting him alive in a shower, forcing her own party to demand she resign.

Nor did she care when Dylan Page was murdered in cold blood. At the prime of his youth, with a murderer who tampered with evidence and many eye-witnesses.

Where is the justice?

However, it is an election year for Rundle. And this time she has a challenger, but even without one the only time she usually pretends to care about corruption is during election season.

Heck, I even sued Rundle beating her all the way up to the highest court in the land because, instead of indicting Homestead officials (read Chief Rolle) for their criminal actions, she retaliated against me for exposing misconduct.

Rundle even refuses to do her job after her reasoning for not doing it was shot down when I went against the Florida Attorney General’s Office who was defending her alone with no lawyer.

So we can either wait and see what happens, or we can demand justice.

The choice has always been ours.


You can share this story. You can contact the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office. But most importantly, you can vote.

How will history remember us?

Doc Justice

Elementary Principal Steals Money From Children

Patricia Fairclough, the George Washington Carver Elementary School Principal, and Vice Mayor of Homestead, Florida, is evading taxes.

Fairclough and her husband, Kelvin Staggers, were married in February 2018, both owning their own homes. 

In Florida, there is a Homestead Exemption allowing a substantial write off on the assessed value of your home for property tax purposes.

You must be living in the home on January 1 any year for which you claim the exemption.

Fairclough and Staggers claimed the Homestead Exemption on both of their houses in 2018 and 2019 and, presumably, they will do the same for 2020.

Yet, a married couple can claim the Homestead Exemption legally on only one home, and it must be their primary residence. 

Evidence obtained by True Homestead shows Fairclough and Staggers evaded taxes at least in 2019.

And unless they were not living together before their marriage in 2018, it’s likely they evaded taxes that year as well, and it is likely that they will continue to do so in the future.

This amounts to Homestead Exemption Fraud. And it is not Fairclough’s first scheme to commit fraud we are exposing, nor is it the best.

We’re saving that one for last.


Fairclough’s 2019 TRIM Notice shows the full break down of her taxes.

The Homestead Exemption allows for a $25,000 write off of assessed value for all property taxes levied, and a second $25,000 write off of assessed value for non-school taxes.

In Fairclough’s case, she evaded $554.47 with the first exemption, and $375.77 with the second, for a total tax evasion amount of $930.24, in 2019.

Of this total amount, $175.63 would have been allocated to Miami-Dade County Public Schools (MDCPS).

In reality, this latter amount she unlawfully withheld, was in effect stealing from her employer, MDCPS, as well as the children she claims to care about.


As seen in the below video, Fairclough has taken the position that if she did something wrong in advocating for school children, she’d “do it again.”

The irony is her knowingly doing something wrong that is hurtful to our children — by evading her duty to pay required taxes.

Fairclough has a history of spinning trending political issues for personal gain, as well as a penchant for financial shadiness and/or credit fiascoes.

We expect Fairclough to claim this is all ‘insignificant,’ like she did in the below video, to avoid responding as to why she skipped out on paying her fair share of taxes — to schools for impoverished children.


As a sitting Councilwoman, Fairclough pushed for and voted to give her primary employer, MDCPS, $775,000 of your tax dollars, allegedly for construction of a school, she was later “requested” to apply for a promotion to Principal. 

This conflict has been covered several times, but here is a good article and the comments therein elucidate the issue(s) very well.

Likewise, her comments in the video above are not accurate, are misleading at best, and neither the vote nor discussion on this matter was unanimous.

Further, the actual amount of these funds, as well as how they were spent, contrast significantly with what City Attorney Richard Weiss falsely told the Ethics Commission when claiming it was only $175,000 for computers (read lied), while getting Fairclough clearance to accept her principalship.

But what’s $600,000 amongst friends, right?

Fairclough and Weiss even discussed this conflict of interest during a Community Reinvestment Agency (CRA) meeting as reflected beginning at the top of page 2 of the minutes.

This was schemed from the beginning. Yet, who stood to benefit the most?

And it wasn’t just the promotion she got for giving her primary employer gifts from Homestead tax coffers; Fairclough received other kickbacks too.

In July 2013, MDCPS Superintendent Alberto Carvalho gave Fairclough, who was then Assistant Principal of Pine Lake Elementary School, a $1,000 award after the School Board approved the agreement in early 2013 between MDCPS and the City of Homestead’s CRA.


The funds to pay the award came from a Race To The Top grant. 

Interestingly, MDCPS is the only school system in the State of Florida which used these Race To The Top funds to reward teachers and administrators.

Curiously, Fairclough got a reward for the school performance. But even more curious is why the assistant principal, and not the principle, got it.

Instead of allowing the money to flow to impoverished children, Fairclough simply put it in her own pocket, and did it while clapping for herself, figuratively and literally, see the above picture.

But that is what happens when you can use other people’s money to buy yourself favors and influence.

And while Fairclough may be generous with other people’s money, she is certainly stingy with her own to the point of unlawfulness.

Can we not find a representative for our children, one who gives of themselves selflessly — not one who is always looking out for their own best interest even if they have to lie, cheat, and steal?

We think you should, as Fairclough’s sign in the cover photo declares: Save Your Child’s Education.

And Carvalho can help us: by removing her from a leadership position.

Doc Justice


Vice Mayor Patricia Fairclough-Staggers: A GOOD MAN IS HARD TO FIND.

After getting divorced in 2015; and despite allegations of later dating Reverend Chauncey Brown, a local philandering charlatan, until he was released from his duties under allegations of impregnating a younger parishioner; the Vice Mayor of Homestead Florida, Patricia Fairclough-Staggers, found her man and got hitched to Kelvin Staggers.

They were married on February 24, 2018. Remember this date, it is important for a few bigger stories to come soon, not just this one.

Simple Google searches reveal that Staggers has a little history of his own.

Staggers possessed a Florida Law Enforcement Certification and worked, locally, in corrections.

Then Staggers was found guilty of cocaine possession and his certification was revoked.

Sources, knowing him, in the community indicate that Staggers is not a drug user but instead was caught with drugs at the jail, and was dealing and/or smuggling drugs.

At the time there was a rash of correctional officers who were involved with smuggling drugs into the jails/prisons for distribution.

Staggers was arrested again, this time in Texas, and charged with SEX A-V.

In Texas SEX A-V stands for “Sexual Assault – Anal and Vaginal.”

That raises some serious questions.

Does Fairclough-Staggers have poor judgment of character, in addition to her other acts of moral turpitude?

While Fairclough-Staggers publicly plays on her femininity for advancement, did she marry the antithesis of the poster child of the #MeToo movement?

With all things being equal, her past, and tendency to chose partners with misogynistic qualities, is she really the greatest role model for our daughters?

Stay tuned because more is coming to this, including further evidence of lying and stealing, and as always we plan to save the best for last.

Doc Justice