It’s Past Time For A New State’s Attorney

Miami-Dade State Attorney, Katherine Fernandez-Rundle (image Getty/Joe Raedle).

Why is it time for Katherine Fernandez-Rundle to leave office?

Why should we elect Melba V. Pearson, to this highest of offices, instead?

Melba V. Pearson, Candidate for Miami-Dade State Attorney

Well if you are one of the people asking that question, please let us explain.

Rundle covers for the extensive corruption plaguing Miami-Dade County.

She is the gatekeeper of the criminal courts, and she will not prosecute public corruption, unless it is politically expedient to her, period.

When the next hot mess of a public corruption case get’s its way to the “5th Floor,” we need to have there a person of honor and integrity who will fairly and justly uphold our laws, and not just selectively enforce them.


Even most police officers, including their union, do not support her.

How effective can you be as the top cop, if cops and their unions don’t support you?


Rundle’s record is so bad her own party voted in 2017 or her to resign, after he failed to prosecute the Daren Rainey murder, and they just voted again telling her to suspend her candidacy for reelection, as seen below.

Yet, some would lament Rainey was just a criminal and prisoner with mental issues, and that it saved society some costs to let it go.

I hope that is not what our justice system has come to, but more and more everyday with Rundle at the helm its appears to be a JUST-US system here.


However, Rundle cannot even see it fit to prosecute when Miami-Dade set up a sting, murdered their own informant and tampered with evidence, as happened in the so called “Mango Massacre.”


When it comes to police accountability Rundle is so staunchly against what is right that she would threaten an innocent citizen and victim, who merely exposed corruption.

How so you may ask?

Chief Alexander Rolle far left.

When I made a video showing Homestead’s Chief of Police, Alexander Rolle, committing felony records destruction and/or falsification, her officer sent me a letter threatening me with prison time.

When I filed a criminal complaint with FDLE against Rolle, Rundle blocked Rolle’s prosecution claiming my recording was illegal and not admissible.

This was her excuse to cover for him yet again, as she had done in the past the last time Rolle was accused of the same crime(s).

In the previous case Rolle even admitted on video under oath that he had illegally backdated falsified records destruction logs, but claimed he didn’t know it was illegal at the time.

What was his excuse with me later on?

Does anyone believe that Rolle, a police chief for roughly 2 decades, who had prosecuted one of his officers a little more than a year earlier for the same crime, didn’t know it was a crime to falsify official records?

Would ignorance of the law apply to anyone else?

But I digress.

In my first federal law suit against a corrupt official, I sued Rundle for violating my First Amendment rights.

After losing at the lower court, the Assistant Attorney General sent a email to Rolle that would make any accountability supporter cringe.

I went on to represent myself and win, at the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, against the Florida Attorney General’s Office defending Rundle.

Rundle then tried to have that overturned at the U.S. Supreme Court who rejected her appeal, i.e. told her to kick rocks just like everyone is telling her now.

However, now that it is clear, since at least June 2018, that Rundle was wrong has Rundle decided to prosecute Rolle?

That would be a big fat NO!

But why not, she has all the evidence needed and can still prosecute him?


Rundle stalls every case as long as she can, then drops them after the attention has died down.

Thus preventing victims and/or their families from being able to collect evidence needed for their civil trials.

Just like she has done with the shooting of Edward Foster. That investigation is still open 5 years later.


I could go on and on with more stories of Rundle refusing to prosecute public corruption, and how she actively fights against negative media, activist, and accountability generally.

Just as she did recently when she tried to threaten local film maker Billy Corben for exercising his rights.

In conclusion the reasons that Rundle needs to go are myriad, however, the important thing is that she goes.

Time for new blood, time for a fresh start, time for Melba V. Pearson.

Stay tuned as I am working on getting a video with our soon to be new State Attorney, Melba V. Pearson.

Doc Justice

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