Vice Mayor Patricia Fairclough-Staggers: A GOOD MAN IS HARD TO FIND.

After getting divorced in 2015; and despite allegations of later dating Reverend Chauncey Brown, a local philandering charlatan, until he was released from his duties under allegations of impregnating a younger parishioner; the Vice Mayor of Homestead Florida, Patricia Fairclough-Staggers, found her man and got hitched to Kelvin Staggers.

They were married on February 24, 2018. Remember this date, it is important for a few bigger stories to come soon, not just this one.

Simple Google searches reveal that Staggers has a little history of his own.

Staggers possessed a Florida Law Enforcement Certification and worked, locally, in corrections.

Then Staggers was found guilty of cocaine possession and his certification was revoked.

Sources, knowing him, in the community indicate that Staggers is not a drug user but instead was caught with drugs at the jail, and was dealing and/or smuggling drugs.

At the time there was a rash of correctional officers who were involved with smuggling drugs into the jails/prisons for distribution.

Staggers was arrested again, this time in Texas, and charged with SEX A-V.

In Texas SEX A-V stands for “Sexual Assault – Anal and Vaginal.”

That raises some serious questions.

Does Fairclough-Staggers have poor judgment of character, in addition to her other acts of moral turpitude?

While Fairclough-Staggers publicly plays on her femininity for advancement, did she marry the antithesis of the poster child of the #MeToo movement?

With all things being equal, her past, and tendency to chose partners with misogynistic qualities, is she really the greatest role model for our daughters?

Stay tuned because more is coming to this, including further evidence of lying and stealing, and as always we plan to save the best for last.

Doc Justice

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