State Representative Kionne McGhee is running for County Commission (Florida Politics)
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We have posted a few times about Representative Kionne McGhee, including his involvement in a felonious charity donation flyer, which we have written about and will write more about later, particularly how he is unlawfully refusing to provide public records related to that.

Right now though we want to share some things which were sent to us.


It seems the McGhee has all the attributes of a slumlord.

McGhee was recently cited for code violations on one of his properties.

McGhee received a citation for having no running water, and having performed non-permitted remodeling of the kitchen and bathroom, which are human safety violations.

But when you are in power you can get cocky and arrogant, and begin thinking that you are above the law, and can get away with anything.


The recent allegations sent to us do not focus solely on having unsafe
conditions on his property, but also to him stiffing a working man.

Ironically, the man stiffed is his competition Johnny Farias.

Candidate for County Commission Johnny Farias.

To be clear McGhee is also running against two other candidates, Marlon Hill and Mark Coats, as seen in this Florida Politics article.

True Homestead welcomes any of these candidates to sit down with us and tell our readers why they should vote for them, or any local politician for that matter.

Accurately informing our readers on all candidates is more important than
any ideology. Our readers are smart, and if properly informed will always make the right choice.

But I digress.


McGhee owns a property at 621 SW 12th Avenue in Homestead, Florida.

Farias, an electrician and owner of Electrical Masters Inc., performed work for McGhee at this property as seen in the the final inspection.

McGhee was apparently trying to stiff Farias, before Farias had to place a lien on McGhee’s property, as seen in the text exchange below.

Text exchange between Kionne McGhee and Johnny Farias.

Pay close attention to the time line here.

On January 23rd, the final inspection is done, then on the 31st Farias ask when they can settle the balance.

McGhee replies three days later on February 3rd, that he will settle up that

Eight days later on February 11th, then again on February 14th, Farias requests final payment.

McGhee responds back on the 14th stating he will contact Farias the same day about payment.

Five days later on the 19th, Farias again pleads for payment.

Finally, on June 16th, 2020, four months later after the last communication, McGhee responds trying to throw shade at Farias for putting a lien on his properties, while making veiled political threats.

Unless we are missing something, and there were other communications, it seems pretty clear that McGhee was playing the shuck and jive hustle, something anyone living in Miami-Dade for any time has seen repeatedly.

We will let you make you own decisions based on the evidence here.

But we are happy to listen to McGhee’s side, the thing is he is just too afraid
to respond to me, though he goes around trying to build support to shut True Homestead down.

In the interest of full disclosure, I must note that Farias was the only person  trying to help when Felipe Hemming, Ben Keller and I uncovered and published that one of my Defendants, Luis Gomez, and his wife had defrauded the section 8 voucher program out of over $120,000 of your tax dollars. Sadly, it seems no one else including Miami-Dade Police Department cared.

That story will be updated soon. However, in contrast when I was investigating crimes committed through McGhee’s office, McGhee deliberately worked against and thwarted my efforts at transparency.

What does McGhee have to hide?

Doc Justice

4 thoughts on “Kionne McGhee a Deadbeat Slumlord?”
  1. Representative Kionne McGhee. Is A Wonderful Leader. He Is For The People And By The People.He Will Always Have My Vote.

  2. Representative Kionne McGhee. Is A Wonderful Leader. He Is For The People And By The People. He Made Sure My Special Needs Daughter Have The Medical Care That She Needed.He Will Always Have My Vote.

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