Homestead’s Vice Mayor, Patricia Fairclough, stabbed her lifelong friend, and former business partner, Keisha Williams in the back.

We previously reported on Fairclough fraudulently claiming she had written a $2,000 check to “C’Keisha’s Mend A Broken Heart Children’s Foundation,” in her campaign finance reports.

This 501c, which Fairclough is the treasurer of, in its Articles of Incorporation has as its mission statement: “The specific purpose is to meet the basic needs of disadvantaged and distressed children who have lost a parent(s) to gun violence.”

True Homestead went and talked to Keisha for a good while on Saturday when we bought 12 servings of some very delicious fried cheesecake with ice cream from her.

Yes, we LOVE cheesecake and ice cream too, and yes it was the bomb!

It was instantly apparent that Keisha was an honest, hardworking, God fearing individual who truly serves her community.

We are disgusted, that Fairclough would unknowingly involve her in this scheme.

Irrespective of that, we are certainly going to be buying lot’s more delicious soul food from Keisha!

A short clip from our encounter shows Keisha, wholesale, denying any knowledge of the $2,000 check, all while claiming she wouldn’t have known anything about this check had we not published our earlier article.

Just further evidence Fairclough falsified her campaign finance reports.

Make no mistake, there are many more financial discrepancies in Fairclough’s reports, to be sure.

This includes over $3,000 in entirely missing expenses on just one report!

We requested the full documentation, but were given even less than what was already available online.

But that as well as other anomalies in Fairclough’s reporting on her campaign finances are beyond the scope of this article.

However, beyond a doubt there are other crimes involved as well.


Fairclough falsifying public records as a public official for personal gain constitutes official misconduct, a third-degree felony, FS. 838.022(1)(a).

Fairclough taking the funds for herself is theft, period, FS, 812.014(1)(b). The fact that it was over $750 makes it grand theft, another third-degree felony, FS. 812.014(2)(c)1.

Falsifying public records alone is a first-degree misdemeanor, FS. 839.13(1).

Whereas, a third-degree felony is punishable by up to 5 years in prison, and a $5,000 fine; and a first-degree misdemeanor is punishable by up to 1 year in jail and a $1,000 fine; FS 775.082 (penalties) and FS. 775.083 (fines).

We don’t have the all the facts yet to say whether wire fraud, 18 USC ยง1343, would apply here or not, but it’s very likely and other candidates have been charged and convicted recently for stealing campaign funds as well.

As amateurs with limited access to evidence, I am 100% positive there are many crimes we have overlooked, that a trained investigator with subpoena powers would immediately find.


Fairclough not only abusively wields extraordinary power as Vice Mayor, she has influence over our children as principal of an elementary school.

Based on her character, is Fairclough really the best leader to have molding our future minds?

Fairclough’s sympathetic ivory tower image as a champion for the rights of women, children, and the poor began its deceptive manufacture back in the days when her ex-husband was a councilman and she was promoted over him as she was more articulate and refined.

But what has Fairclough done not for her own advantage or a photo-op?

Where was she on the issue of body cams, when black men were being shot in questionable manners at the hands of a certain officer(s)?

We have reported on how she evaded her taxes depriving money from the children who attend Miami-Dade County Public Schools.

We have reported on how she has lied and committed fraud to secure her mortgage.

We have reported on how she abused her official position to retaliate against the press, trying to have me arrested on bogus stalking charges.

And now we are continuing to report on how she stole money not just from children but from the most vulnerable amongst them, i.e. disadvantaged and distressed children, many orphans, who lost parents to gun violence.

Shame on her.


Does Fairclough take the only honorable way out left and resign as Vice Mayor?

Based on her overly inflated ego and sense of entitlement, we highly doubt it.

But the real question is will our state attorney, Katherine Fernandez-Rundle, allow her subordinates to carry out their sworn duties or will she forbid it?

She is the one who makes the final call on whether someone at this level gets prosecuted or not, despite the evidence and/or recommendations.

And this is the same woman who was sued after firing an assistant state attorney for refusing to lie to and present false evidence to judges, and then claimed he had no right to not lie to a judge.

It’s all politics all the time with Rundle.

Remember, Rundle didn’t even care when a man was murdered by officers melting him alive in a shower, forcing her own party to demand she resign.

Nor did she care when Dylan Page was murdered in cold blood. At the prime of his youth, with a murderer who tampered with evidence and many eye-witnesses.

Where is the justice?

However, it is an election year for Rundle. And this time she has a challenger, but even without one the only time she usually pretends to care about corruption is during election season.

Heck, I even sued Rundle beating her all the way up to the highest court in the land because, instead of indicting Homestead officials (read Chief Rolle) for their criminal actions, she retaliated against me for exposing misconduct.

Rundle even refuses to do her job after her reasoning for not doing it was shot down when I went against the Florida Attorney General’s Office who was defending her alone with no lawyer.

So we can either wait and see what happens, or we can demand justice.

The choice has always been ours.


You can share this story. You can contact the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office. But most importantly, you can vote.

How will history remember us?

Doc Justice

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