Homestead, Florida, Vice Mayor Patricia Fairclough-Staggers committed election fraud by not living in the district she campaigned to represent.

It’s apparently the motive for all of her other schemes and crimes: save possibly for her financial problems; leading her to steal from school children and orphans.


Keep reading.

Because lying is lying; and stealing is stealing.

First, we covered how, as vice mayor, Fairclough-Staggers sought to unseat Mayor Losner with a restraining order against him — allegedly for her safety —before withdrawing her statements and blaming her health instead.

But that was only after filing police reports against the mayor, and conveniently leaking it all to the Herald.

We reported how she attempted to have Doc Justice arrested for the crime of stalking, due to his heinous act of publishing articles as an investigative journalist, a clear First Amendment violation.

That made the tenth time Homestead officials have tried to abuse Doc with improper application of the stalking laws.

We uncovered how Fairclough-Staggers was essentially stealing money from the children she professes to care so much about, as well as her primary employer, the Public School system, by evading property taxes.

A reader claims to have submitted a complaint to the County Tax Appraiser, who confirmed she improperly claimed the tax exemption, and has issued a citation — another fraud necessary to cover the election fraud on paper.

We exposed her stealing from orphans, in an apparent scheme to embezzle money from her campaign here and here. And we detailed how she tried to cover her tracks after the fact while throwing shade at us here.

There is much more to the story of problems with her campaign finance reports, which is mentioned below, but it may become a whole new article.

We showed how she lied claiming she was single to commit mortgage fraud, sparking a criminal investigation against her — yet another ancillary fraud she committed to seal the election fraud deal.

Now, we’re letting the of the cat out of the bag by showing you the facts which show Homestead’s vice mayor committing election fraud.

Was it this or were her financial difficulties the primary motive for committing election fraud, and all her other fraudulent schemes?

As a Principal and Vice Mayor, how is she having financial difficulties?


Every election cycle, political candidates from the local to state level face allegations that they don’t live in the districts they’re trying to represent.

And for Homestead Florida’s Vice Mayor, Patricia Fairclough-Staggers, 2019 is no different, even though, after the fact, she’s still sitting as Homestead’s vice mayor.

For now, at least.

Before winning an uncontested election for vice mayor of Homestead in 2019, Fairclough-Staggers claimed to reside at 424 SE 37 PL in Homestead, Florida 33033, which lies in the Oasis District, Seat 6.

There’s only a few problems with that.

A total of seven persons, six being registered voters, including Fairclough and her deceased mother, and one non-voter, claim to live at the exact same residence according to, all appearing to be her relatives.

Apparently, the four bedroom home where Fairclough-Staggers claims to reside is already full.

Meanwhile, a reasonable person would figure it is more likely Fairclough-Staggers, who recently had a baby, is living with her husband Kelvin Staggers who owns a residence at 1870 SE 20 TER in Homestead, Florida 33035. His residence lying within the Shores neighborhood of the Keys Gate District, i.e. Seat 2 represented by Councilman Sean Fletcher.

That is, unless we are to believe, contrary to word on the street and objective corroborating evidence, that a newly-wed new mother resides in a 4-bedroom town-home with five other people and her newborn — while living separately from her husband and the father of her child.

Plus, when she attempted to have Doc arrested for publishing an article about her husband on April 27, 2020, police did not take long to arrive at her husband’s address in the Shores.

No, they did not respond to her alleged address in the Oasis District.

The public records, as well as the dispatch call recordings, which we took the liberty of obtaining, corroborate our claim.

You can listen to the audio recording from dispatch below.

The voice you hear is, Homestead police lieutenant, Randy Owens.

What you heard is Owens stating the result of Vice Mayor Fairclough-Staggers calling Homestead Police Colonel Scott Kennedy urging police brass to manufacture a crime against Doc.

Police units were dispatched to her husband’s house in the Shores to conduct a “14,” police code for an investigation, to meet with Fairclough-Staggers.

Thankfully, the officers declined to abuse their authority, this time, and falsely charge Doc with a crime, since it’s perfectly legal to publish articles, especially articles about public officials doing things like committing crimes.

This creates serious problems for the Vice Mayor, brought on by her own crimes and misdeeds.

But we digress.

True Homestead has received multiple tips from local, anonymous sources who allege Fairclough-Staggers parks her car at her husband’s residence at night.

Sources revealed to True Homestead that this is an open secret, which many locals already know about.

And some have even been documenting it.

One source informed us the entire City Council knows the vice mayor does not reside in Oasis, and that Councilman Larry Roth has personally been to Staggers’s house in the Shores to conduct business, on multiple occasions.

We performed our due diligence, questioning the claims of all sources.

Vice Mayor Patricia Fairclough-Staggers standing in front of her red Mercedes.

And we obtained time and date stamped photos showing Fairclough’s red Mercedes parked at her husband’s home in the Shores every time, except one, an anonymous source has ridden by and taken a picture.

Doc went on a night fishing trip with a friend who lives in the Shores, and Doc obtained two pictures himself.

First picture taken at 6:47 pm on June 20. Second picture taken at 1:54 am on June 21, 2020. Out of 9 times passing by her husband’s house, over 5 weeks, her car was there 8 times.

Separate sources inform us, that during nights, Fairclough-Stagger’s car is never parked at or anywhere near the Oasis residence she swore to live in, in signed documents she submitted to the city clerk to qualify.

Multiple, trusted sources tell us she has been living in the Shores since before she got married in February 2018, one claiming this move was celebrated with a party back in 2016, and well before the 2019 election.

Additionally, a Doral police officer lives directly across the street from her husband’s house

This officer, our sources confirm, converses with the couple regularly.

Would that neighbor confirm our allegations, or would he lie under oath and/or during an investigation?

We don’t know, but we strongly suspect he would not.

Another source informed us, that well over a month ago, that someone filed a criminal complaint, with Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez-Rundle, after uncovering this election fraud themselves.

It is likely that multiple criminal investigations are currently ongoing.

Fairclough-Staggers may even face criminal charges stemming from that alleged complaint rather than what we’re informing you about.

But, that complaint has been just sitting at the State Attorney’s Office.

Will Fernandez-Rundle act on it?

That’s the $64,000 question.

We can’t tell you everything our sources inform us about or anything about their identities.

But we can confirm our sources allege that a private investigator was hired to tail Fairclough-Staggers for some time, before said complaint was filed.

That would provide any criminal case against her impartial third party evidence, which is separate and distinct from our many sources and the several lines of objective evidence we have obtained, and publish herein.

Yet, we have not published all of our evidence yet, as we want to protect sources from retaliation.


A barcode sticker can be observed on Fairclough’s car in the picture below.

Patricia Fairclough-Staggers red Mercedes showing bar-code sticker for entry into the Shores.

The sticker allows entry through the gate at her husband’s residence in the Shores.

Only property owners and renters get a sticker, and all tenants who get a sticker get a background check.

And you have to sign off that you live there, as well.

Given all we’ve looked at in our own investigation, we have the utmost confidence that she actually lives in Keys Gate, not Oasis.

Gate records from both the Shores and Oasis addresses would further confirm or refute this, but we have been unable to obtain these records.

However, a subpoena would get them, along with her campaign bank account records which we are positive will uncover additional crimes.


In order to qualify to campaign as a councilperson as well as vice mayor, Fairclough-Staggers was required to complete and then submit an application packet to Homestead City Clerk, and Supervisor of Elections, Elizabeth Sewell.

Clerk Elizabeth Sewell, official picture.

We confirmed Fairclough-Staggers, submitted the packet containing the required sworn and signed forms.

Yet, Fairclough had to know her signature on government documents claiming that she lived in Oasis, was false.

There’s only one problem with this, besides the fact that it’s not true.

When she signed the document containing information she knew to be false, she committed the crime of perjury.

These allegations, if true, constitute election fraud.

She knowingly lied about where she lives for personal gain.

Fairclough-Stagger’s deception and non-residence makes her ineligible to represent the Oasis District, as well as the Home Owners Association she sits on the board of too.

She has no real choice besides forfeiting her position as Vice Mayor as well.


A similar local case occurred as recently as 2017, when State Representative Daisy Baez admitted to lying about the district she resided in.

Rep. Daisy Baez during the House Oversight, Transparency & Administration Subcommittee meeting Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2017 at the Capitol in Tallahassee, Fla. (Photo by Phil Sears of Florida

Preview(opens in a new tab)

Prosecutors began investigating Baez after the Miami Herald published an article detailing how she did not live within the District she campaigned for.

In that case, investigators determined Baez lived in another district — and did not lease a property in the district she claimed to represent until after the article published.

Facing felony charges from the Miami-Dade State’s Attorney’s Office, Baez dropped out of her high-profile race for the State Senate.

The resignation came as part of a plea bargain, in which Baez plead guilty to a misdemeanor, paid a $1,000 fine, served a year of probation during which she was banned from seeking office, and was required to complete an ethics course, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

“Deliberately swearing to false information essential to your role as a state legislator, as alleged in this case, eats at the credibility of our voting and political systems,” Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle said in a statement a week after Baez resigned.

“I believe that there can never be a good reason for such action.”

So will Fernandez-Rundle do her job?

Or will she eat her words?

We are not holding our breath.


Whenever, a candidate signs a campaign finance report, they are affirming to have “read and certified” the information to be “true and correct.”

The forms are dummy proof, prompting the candidate to affirm their knowledge that it is a First Degree Misdemeanor to falsify a public record.

While we don’t know or have any control over what punishment, if any, her crimes will result in, we have read Florida Statutes that constitute other possible criminal charges which may be brought forward.

For instance, if candidates who are sitting public officials, such as Fairclough-Staggers, falsify an official record to provide a gain to any person, herself included, it could result in catching an official misconduct charge, a third degree felony, according to Florida Statute 838.022 (1) (a).

In the case of Baez, she was hit for submitting a singled falsified document.

That was enough for Fernandez-Rundle to bring felony charges before offering Baez a misdemeanor plea bargain.

Herein, Fairclough-Staggers falsified her residency information on twelve separate campaign finance reports that she lived at 424 SE 37 PL, an Oasis, not Keys Gate address — to remain qualified.

That’s in addition to intentionally lying on her candidate qualifying packet.

That is a baker’s dozen worth of violations right there, alone.

Such is why Fairclough perpetrated the Homestead Tax Exemption and the Mortgage fraud. Because, if she lost the home or the exemption, the gig would be up generating a public record, as well as negative publicity.


The one time Fairclough-Staggers was not at home when our anonymous source passed by was on June 23, 2020.

That day, she was at the Clerk’s office submitting an amended P1 report, even though all accounts were supposed to be closed out in February.

The report was submitted at 6:41 pm, yeah that seems a little late for the clerk’s office to be receiving and stamping documents.

Was overtime charged to the City to deal with the Vice Mayor’s malfeasance, misfeasance, and/or non-feasance?

Further, Fairclough-Staggers used the wrong address again.

There are many other apparent errors in these reports, including the amended P1, which just makes every subsequent filing even worse.

At this point $7,125.49, by Fairclough’s own sworn admission, is unaccounted for, and we still are not sure as to what happened to the $2,000 which was supposed to go to orphans being helped by Keisha.

Sadly, Keisha never got anything from Fairclough-Staggers other than to be used for political gain or cover.

Where are these $7,125.49 in missing funds, are they sitting in a bank account, or were they misappropriated, i.e. stolen/embezzled?

How did Elizabeth Sewell, the City Clerk and Supervisor of Elections, allow this to occur, on her watch, and why does she allow this to continue?

Altogether, there is a total of at least sixteen (16), prima facie, third degree felonies uncovered to date, against Fairclough-Staggers.

That comes with up to eighty (80) years worth of prison time, and it does not include the mortgage fraud, a second degree felony which threatens up to another fifteen (15) years of incarceration.

That’s up to ninety five (95) years worth of incarceration for felony crimes, and $90,000 in fines, already uncovered.

This is way more than the Feds ever on Al Capone.


When, and if, Fairclough-Staggers submits the other eight (8) amended documents now required, that will be eight (8) additional third degree felonies, unless she decides to use the correct address where she resides.

That’s up to an additional forty (40) years and $40,000 in fines, in addition to what is already documented above.

We know she would never receive a fraction of this, it must be nice to have friends in high places, however, she is now ineligible to sit on the dais.


We state that with great confidence.

And God only knows what would be found if law enforcement submitted a subpoena for her bank records, or her emails and texts.

Fernandez-Rundle went after Daisey Baez for much less.

Will Fernandez-Rundle hold Fairclough-Staggers to a different standard?

Only time will tell.

Stay tuned as we will be exposing more local officials, as well as quasi-governmental agencies, soon…

By Ben Keller

Ben has been an independent journalist since 2013 covering issues from police abuse, civil rights, as was as state, local and federal political corruption. Before becoming a journalist, Ben spent his young adult life in sales before attending the University of Texas where he studied literature and philosophy and participated in on-campus activities, which inspired his career as a journalist. You can email Ben @

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